Boudoir Classes

Our Signature Day-long Boudoir Bootcamp | $600
Our daylong Boudoir Bootcamps touch on every single aspect of your Boudoir Photography Business, including:
-What to tell your client them to make sure they come fully prepared for their boudoir portrait session.
-The two questions to ask every boudoir photography client before you take the first picture.
-Making your client comfortable from the very beginning
-Poses to flatter every body type
-Top selling boudoir poses
-Tricks to making a small studio space work for your boudoir photography business
-Search engine optimization secrets to bring your site to the top of Google
-Cross-promotional partners that can help you build your boudoir business without spending a lot of money
-How daily deal sites can build up your business, or burn it down.
-The simple trick for getting testimonials that sell your business for you
-Using your clients as mini-marketers for your boudoir photography business

To find out when our next Boudoir Photography Workshop is, click here.

-One-on-One Mentoring | $1000 for one day, $1500 for two days

-One-on-Two Mentoring | $800 for one day, $1200 for two days
-One-on-Three Mentoring | $600 for one day, $900 for two days
Our Mentoring Sessions are designed to deal with your specific issues in a relaxed setting. Students complete a questionaire that helps us tailor your One-on-One Mentoring Session to your needs. Save money by agreeing to share your day with one or two additional photographers. You’ll still get personalized help, at a smaller price.

Contact us to schedule your Boudoir Mentoring Session.

-Phone Consultations | $125/hour
Just what it sounds like. You and me, chatting on the phone, about anything you want related to boudoir photography. Contact us to schedule your Boudoir Phone Consultation.

-Boudoir Shoot-outs | $400
Our Boudoir Photography Shoot-out offers a fast-track to an impressive boudoir photography portfolio. We arrange a beautiful location and schedule the models. All you do is show up, shoot, and head home with plenty of beautiful images, and the rights to use them on your website and marketing material. Photographers share techniques and styles with other participants, and everyone wins.

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